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Natural Thin Stone Veneer looks like real stone because it is real stone. Its authentic character and rich earthy colors create a design presence no other material quite replicates. And its beauty is consistent, through and through. A surface nick or a scratch reveals nothing but more of the same stone beneath—not concrete or a base.

And, just as you expect from true stone, it resists weather and UV damage. What might surprise you is its affordability. Each Thin Stone piece features a flat backside for fast and easy installation. Use Thin Stone inside. Outside. New projects. Remodeling. Anywhere you want the dramatic charm and outstanding performance of natural stone—affordably, think Natural Thin Stone Veneer.

Natural Thin Stone Veneer pieces weigh less thanks to the thin cut. Lightweight pieces help reduce production, shipping and construction costs. Builders can skip those expensive load-bearing structures, too. Natural Thin Stone Veneer installs without footings or ledges and adheres to concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall and even metal. All at a price that won’t rock the budget.

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Natural stone varies in color veining from piece to piece.


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